Unhas De Gel

Nails-The beauty of Hands

Unhas De GelThe real beauty of hands lies in the shape, health and the shine of your nails. As your hands are prominent and visible to others, so they should always be decorated with beautiful nails. Well groomed and polished nails enhance the self-confidence and make your hands look prettier and elegant. Unfortunately, some women have yellow weak nails. Such nails are brittle and they break as they grow. This gives a really unpleasant look to their hands and spoils their beauty. There is nothing to worry about for such cases. Unhas de gel has arrived as a remarkable product to revive the beauty of your nails. The product achieves the desired life and beauty simply through nail extension solution. The Unhas de gel constructed nails look smooth and shiny like the natural nails. The product has become a real aesthetic fix for dead ugly nails.

Highly Recommended Product by Professionals

Unhas de gel is highly impressive nail beautification solution highly recommended by the professionals at saloon. The product is a big favorite because of its practicality, safety and durability. The gel produces thinner and lighter nails, not giving any artificial look or feeling. There is no limit to length. You may build them as long as what suits the size and shape of your hand. The resulting nails are generally flexible and have lesser incidence of lifting or breakage upon collision with any hard object. Unhas de gel not only gives you a healthy looking nails but also presents a sound platform for attractive nail art. You may apply nail colors in many attractive colors with matte and shimmering tone. Besides, glittering minute beads and stars can be applied on the nails. The product adds an everlasting beauty to your hands.

Maintenance Tips

Unhas de gel remains the most loyal solution if you take good care of your nails. Try to visit the salon every two to three weeks for the revitalizing treatment. Use non-acetone nail enamel remover. Wear gloves to protect the nails from damage due to harsh cleaning and using bleach. Keep massaging the cuticles to assure a regular blood flow. In case of any damage, never remove them on your own, visit the salon to get treated by the professionals. Practicing these little precautions will let you enjoy maximum life span. Buy Unhas de gel and make it the best experience!